Friday, 1 January 2016

Shared my wife with my cousin

I shared my wife with my cousin. It started happening last year when I finally decided to adopt wife sharing wife and I have a normal sexual coexistence, I have a normal sized cock and don't last the longest yet my wife has dependably good signs of being honest with me. But, the thing was quite un-acceptable for me so I wanted to give her a full sexual pleasure. I though about different guys in my family circle but being very true, I couldn't believe anyone exactly to save my marriage along this.

One day, I saw my best cousin naked. It happened accidentally but the size of his cock impressed me a lot. He was almost double in size and girth than me. The day onward, I started considering him as an option and the level of trust upon him helped me making the final decision. However, I never wanted to force my wife so I given her time to develop a level of frankness with him. When she initially met my cousin, she was not especially enthused about him; Though he got a good sized cock, he was not the most attractive anyhow. He was just an average looking guy. She didn't over endure him in the initial few times however her views changed when I started talking about his cock size. I discussed this with my cousin in a way that he started thinking about a fuck to) my horny wife. I admired her tits size and he liked (in dual meaning style and he was never a fool who cant understand. One night When he stayed at our home and left the shower in his shorts and his big cock was hanging out of the base of his shorts, my hot wife had a good look at it! 

That day onward, Whenever we met him she was more frank with him and went extremely delicate with him. He wasn't hungry for sex but he let me know the thoughts that she was truly attractive. This carried on for the following few times we met and one day when me and my cousin went out for a planned outing, he asked me about the final plan of doing something funny. I asked him If he has seen any signs from my wife that she wants a fuck from him. Yes; I felt that; he told me. he said; she saw him leaving the washroom so many times with hungry eyes and she might have seen more than she anticipated.He said that she is more likely to test it and without a second thought he said he would be cheerful to offer his manhood to my horny wife. We then had a final talk about the plan.

The following weekend he reached our home according to the plan and we all (Including my wife) went out for a dinner. We took a dinner with fish menu and I found my hot wife getting a bit free with him. For a couple of times, I intentionally left the table and allowed them to talk freely. She was feeling horny at that time. When we returned to the house, I asked my cousin to go upstairs and return in uncovering underwear. He was exceptionally excited about this. I went into the bedroom and after a sort discussion with my wife I also changed into night dress. She worn her sexiest nighty and prepared herself for the upcoming horny wife sharing session.My cousin cam down with a large hanging dick in his loose underwear. My wife came outside and looked at him and her eyes lit up. I recognized this and asked her if she liked the thing. She said there was something that got her attention. I simply said that she needs to attempt if she want, meanwhile I played a threesome movie on the large screen. She smiled and without a second thought she summoned my cousin over and pulled his boxers down to uncover his immense chicken. 

It was looking exactly double than mine in every aspect and he wasn't even hard yet. She began to stroke and suck it until he got a full erection. I had an erection looking at them – an interest to which she promptly obliged. She was sucking his rooster and playing with his balls for around 15 minutes before he lifted her up and teased her trickling pussy with the tip of his colossal chicken. My wife was not a fat lady but she got a good pair of tits.long and thick! He pushed his chicken in her pussy and her face looked stunned additionally like she was begging for it. He then continued in fucking her for around 20 minutes, any longer than I ever last, and gave her at least 3 orgasms and made her squirt before filling her in with his cum. It looked all horny when I kept on stroking my average sized dick and came on floor. They both were exhausted with speedy fucking so laid cool and calm for about 10 minutes.

I was so much excited to watch it again that I asked him to do it once more. He obliged and said, yes why not. He started fucking her in missionary style and the second fuck went longer than the first. He drilled her for about 40 minutes while she kept on licking and stroking my dick. I watched everything so closely. Finally, he came again and she looked extremely tired of fucking. 

He took a bath and then left our home. The following day my wife's pussy was sore yet continued discussing how horny it was and how extraordinary his big dick felt inside. I asked her if she want to do it again and she answered straight away with a firm yes. I messaged my cousin and let him know that she needs it every week. I told him that even if I'm not home, he can go and fuck my wife anytime she wants. He obliged me with a smiley and things remained so hot.He answered straight away saying he will satisfy her whenever she needs.

This now happens most likely at regular weekly intervals and my wife really enjoys it! Regardless how many times/week we engage in sexual activity, he comes and fucks my wife every week, mostly on weekends. He is very honest and loyal to us and never attempts to take things into any love affair or beyond sexual session. We three respect each other and enjoying a happy marriage now.

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