Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Story Of Sharing My Wife With A Stranger

This idea of sharing my wife was building in my mind past 3 years. But the real wife sharing experience came into existence a few months ago when my car was at fault in a rural area. I tried to restore the car but every thing went in vain. Me and my hot wife Lubna was traveling back from her parents to my home. Arsal had come from Lahore, was 6 foot 1 inches tall, 185 , and having a huge package (Which we got to know later when he fucked my wife). When I was just checking my car on GT Road, No one even bothered to stop and ask us about the problem but Arsal was the one who stopped and came to us. He was very polite, good looking and educated guy who helped us a lot.


He hooked our car with his car and got us to a workshop about 10 km away. Even he waited there and sat with me chatting until my car got OK. In that half an hour, we got very much frank with each other and believe me, I had selected him to bang my wife (He didn't knew that time) to thank him for the all help he had given us. I told him about the purpose of our journey and during our discussion, I also told him in hidden words that me and my wife want to thank him in a different way. He obliged us and after reaching Islamabad, we went to a five star hotel where Arsal accompanied us. We have decided to try wife sharing with Arsal and I discussed everything with my wife during the midway travel. Remember, She has groomed her mind in past 2 years for this hot wife sharing with stranger.

During our meal, He told us that women are always attracted to the size he had, and having a huge package he loves serving all ladies with NSA (No strings attached). My wife liked it and he proceeded to give her all the attention she craved. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Recently, he called me out of the blue. We had discussed how much I would like to see my wife and him together for at least 2-3 shots. I asked him if he done it good with my hot wife, we can be long term friends.He liked the idea.I do remember she looked a little excited and flushed when we drove back.

we booked 2 rooms separately so that no one can notice us on the subject of checking out his package. My gorgeous wife told me that she looked at Arsal longingly and he drew her breath. So, I do know she has looked for a nice cock in his pants. I told her that I knew her likes and she finally admitted she was wondering just how big he is. After checking in, we adjusted into our rooms and nobody at reception or hotel has noticed us being wife sharing friends. I called him on his cell and he was in our room within ten minutes. where my hot wife was eagerly waiting to get fucked by him and I was having some wine to loosen her nerves. His package was more impressive than ever, and I noticed my wife of thirty years had her stare fixated on that monster under the trunks.



Her mouth was open and she was breathing rather quickly. I knew I had her and my fantasy was fixing to come true. I started to have second thoughts though, and my head was very fuzzy and confused. That went away as we proceeded. She jumped like a bitch or size queen. Arsal just drew in his breath and commented on how lucky I was to have such a hot, horny wife. I told him he was the lucky one with such a huge package to please the women. I told them to do anything like a husband and wife. Arsal liked it. I went to washroom and When I came out, my wife had a flushed look and I just knew he had shown her the monster and she was sucking it like a paid bitch. Her saliva was running all over his shaft and believe me I got an immediate erection. Arsal then wanted to fuck her but I was thinking to do it or not.

But as my hot wife was loving his cock size, she asked me to allow her for some decent fuck. I couldn't resist anymore so I I had second thoughts on trying double penetration in the second fuck. He drilled my wife like a whore and she moaned loudly with every thrust he given her. He plunged all his monster cock inside her and I was just playing with his balls. Then he made my wife sitting on his cock. I can't wait more so I joined her by giving my dick in her mouth. It was so hot that I couldn't last for a minute. I released all my load in her throat and it was probably the shortest time to cum in our married life. She was just riding his cock like a slut. 

Then he made her doggy and started fucking her from behind. This wife sharing with a stranger was turning to be a wonderful session. I was getting crazy so I asked him to fuck her ass. She didn't resist as she loved ass fucking. Arsal was too fat in size so he oiled his dick nicely while I entered her pussy. I was only inside her pussy but not moving. Arsal fucked her like a horse. Her loud moans were more louder when she got an orgasm. That was hot to watch! This went on for fifteen minutes and Arsal then pulled out and asked me to fuck her ass while he will now fuck her pussy. After thirty to forty-five minutes of the most awesome sex she has ever had, he finished inside her pussy. It was the best sex session of our married life. Wife sharing fantasy had become a reality for us. We never wanted to finish it so we had another fucking session of 1 hour. He got dressed and left while she was still panting trying to recover from him. My mind was still fuzzy from all of this and I took her into my arms as she fell in a deep sleep. I don't know if she was going to become pregant with his seed as she had many orgasm with his cum inside, but I know my wife achieved her long awaited date with the bulge she has been longing for all these years.

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