Wednesday, 27 January 2016

His Wife's First Double Trial


Wife Sharing Story.

I am narrating the adventure with sexy and beautiful housewife Hina from Lahore, her husband love sharing his wife. This is a hot sex story. I am sharing sex experience with the sexy housewife which took place 6 months ago when I fucked her in hotel for her cuckold husband, Javed.I have got there email from adulthub and after a bit of delayed response, I sent them my dick pics. The friendship between us started to built up.

This wife sharing story happened when I returned from Karachi, I was in touch with both Javed and Hina. Javed was very happy that his wish of converting his shy housewife into a hotwife who could experiment with other man has come true.I always thanked him for giving me an opportunity to enjoy Hina who was so young, beautiful and sexy.

Let me tell you how things went on in this story. During one of these conversations he said that he has a wish which he wants to fulfill. I asked him what is it? To which Javed replied that he wants to see his wife enjoy a double penetration in his absence. I was surprised at the request and I asked him whether he has had a talk with Hina about it. To which he said that he fears doing it alone his wife will reject the idea.

I told him that we can have a DP with Hina when I fuck her in pussy and Javed penetrate her ass, to which Javed replied that he wants to see a DP of Hina with another cock which is big and strong like mine. He asked me to think of some way in which we can convince her for the same. I asked Javed to give me some time to think through and also told me to let me know if he had a guy who he is thinking of to join the DP with me? Javed told me he has not thought of anyone and that if I know anyone who is trustworthy I can recommend him too.

I called Javed about 1 week and told him that I have got an idea for his fantasy to be fulfilled. I had a close friend who had a big dick. I told javed about that friend. We talked about it for a few minutes after which our full proof plan was ready. Hina didn’t had any inkling of it. So after a few weeks Javed proposed Hina that we travel to Islamabad so that she can get a few days of sexual bliss and Hina agreed immediately since her cunt was also itching for the attention. Javed had a holiday of the long week ends and It was decided that Thursday evening they will catch the road to their destination and will stay their till Sunday when they will travel back.

Hina was very happy and went to the parlor and got facial, body waxing done. She got a hair cut too and was very happy to be traveling to meet us. Javed told me she was beaming as she will be having a good time. Javed convinced her for DP since I had known Sunny for a long time. The couple can trust us and enjoy with us.

They reached Islamabad and stayed at marriot hotel. Me and Sunny visited them in the evening.She had worn a blue jeans with a white t shirt which showed her curves all in style. Javed told me that he wants to record every scene in his mobile but he would not be present in the room. I agreed to that and soon we proceeded to the room. I complimented her for the dress and that she is looking damn sexy in the outfit. She thanked me.

Then we both sat in the room and talked for a while and I asked if she wants to freshen up as she would be tired of the journey. She said yes to which I asked if she need a massage after the shower, Sunny is very good in women body massage, she kept quite and gave a shy smile.After 20 minutes and she was still in the washroom, so I sat on the sofa there waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes, she came out with a towel draped on her and when she saw me she gave a smile. I smiled back and told her to lay on the bed so that Sunny will give a nice massage to her. She laid on the bed and then loosened the towel and then sunny took if off her body. 

Sunny massaged her nicely while I placed Javed's mobile on table for recording. My junior was no more a junior and wanted to come out of my pant and enter the heavenly cunt but I controlled my self and then started to massage her.After 20 minutes or so Sunny asked her to turn and when she did it he just moved forward to smooch her boobs. His hands roamed on her naked breasts and fingered her pussy. She was very horny and I took off my t-shirt and pants and then took off my inner wears too.

She has been turned hot and it was probably the best time to start the session. She went down on her knees and started to suck my dick. I was having a nice blow job while Sunny started fucking her pussy.we have started enjoying our nice little session after she has freshened up with massage.

Sunny fucked her good, while she given me a nice blow. After 10 minutes of fucking in this style , we changed holes. Sunny took it out of her fleshy pussy and straightway pushed it in her mouth. I took place to fuck her pussy. This went on for another 10 minutes and then I exploded my hot cum inside her fleshy pussy. Sooner, Sunny released his cum in her mouth. And to our surprise, she didn't spit the cum. All went in her throat and reached her stomach.

Now, We had to try DP as per her husband's likes. After 5-10 minutes of resting, She took sunny's cock in her pussy while I came from behind to fuck her ass. We adjusted closeup recording so that Javed can watch his wife closely getting two cocks, one in pussy one in ass. She was moaning loudly as I fucked her ass and sunny fucked her pussy. 

It was now the next scene in this wife sharing episode. Sunny started fucking her ass while I took place in her pussy. Sunny's balls were grinding against my balls as we continued to fuck hina. Such a lovely wife sharing scene it would be for Javed to watch. Nothing more delights a cuckold husband to watch his wife getting double penetration. We fucked her for at least an hour before we both came inside her. Hina was filled with cum by two young cocks.

After fucking his hot wife, We dressed up leaving her naked on the bed and met Javed (waiting in the outside lawn). We exchanged smiles and thanked him for letting us fuck his beautiful wife. He thanked us for pleasing his wife with two cocks and fulfilling his fantasy. Javed went back to the room and later he told us that his wife loved the way we both fucked her. 

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