Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wife Sharing With Stranger : Hot Story

Hi Readers! Today I'm narrating my hot story here. Sharing my gorgeous and hot wife with a stranger had been a fantasy for years. I worked so hard for 2-3 years for making up her mind actually accepting this lifestyle. Wife sharing makes me horny and horny all the time. It doesn't mean that I want to Share My Wife because I'm impotent or having a small sized dick, but it really makes me horny to see her being pounded hard. I love watching my wife with a stranger with her legs fully spread up her shoulders and he's banging her deep with his nice and erect tool. I'm 39Y old while she is 35Y now. We have been planning this wife sharing session for months. Finally, It happened and we both loved it so much.

Finding a suitable stranger for sharing my wife has never been an easier task. Luckily, we were on vacations and staying in a hotel. While I was surfing the internet, I saw a website where the owner was a black guy. He was quite near to us and after looking at his offers, I started thinking about sharing my wife with him. His pictures shown that he got a good sized tool and moreover, he offered a handsome amount to the couples interested in wife sharing session. Though his website said that he would like to record a video. Me and my Hot Wife discussed it about and then I shown her the offers and the cock he had.

Initially, she liked his dick but she was a bit nervous about being recorded. When I shown her the amount of money he offered for recording, she was almost mouthful. We were not too much caring about being recorded as a handsome amount of money was offered so We decided that I won't appear in the video and as my wife was a total housewife, so it won't hurt our privacy much. Finally, I sent him an email and got a response within short time. He called me on my number and rest assured of our agreement to stick to the things that were offered in the recording contact.

Finally, we agreed on everything and he given us a time of the next day. We decided to do this all in our hotel room. The next day, he appeared quite in time and I met him outside the hotel. I brought him to our room and we started the real wife sharing session after a formal talk.








The only thing which looked dangerous in this Wife sharing with black was that he came inside my wife. He filled my wife's pussy with his semen. He fucked my wife in every style and I should appreciate his fucking skills. He banged her too good and I could easily say that she was more than ever satisfied with his cock. How the session went on, you could easily guess from these pics. He paid us a check after a session and handed over a copy of recording to us. We permitted him to share our video according to rights offered for money.


  1. Sounds like you had fun watching your wife get the fucking of her life. Hopefully she realizes how lucky she is to have such an open-minded hubby. You may have to step up your game, or find her a regular friend with benefits who can give her the fucking she deserves, and now knows she has been missing. Good luck to you. Better get her on the pill.

  2. Well, Since I have shared my conservative wife with my best friend (who acted as gay top for me as well), I am feeling in heaven. He was fucking my ass past 2 years and I loved his nice, and big dick. He measure about 7 inches in size, but have a great fucking stamina. I asked him to fuck my wife as well when he was fucking my ass. He thought for a while and then we started working on a plan to convince her. I shown his cock pics to my wife and I done it for 1-2 months regularly. slowly she started liking his nice big cock. Finally , when I saw her melting for his cock, I offered her a chance. She seemed interested so I told my friend to visit our home and fuck her at least 3 times in a session. He came and drilled her 3 times , till she was exhausted. She still remembers the fucking she had that night.


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